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Application System :
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SurfAce-112 / PCI™ :
Application System : Media Processing
PCI Form Factor DSP Resource Board for Robust Media Processing
The SurfAce-112/PCI is a fully integrated ¾-size PCI form-factor DSP resource board providing robust processing capabilities. Featuring cost-effective unmatched processing power and Surf's patent-pending Open Framework design, which allows seamless integration of user-defined and proprietary algorithms, the SurfAce-112/PCI is the ideal choice for the cost-efficient development of a wide range PCI convergence solutions for enterprise and CTI.

The SurfAce-112/PCI DSP is universal PCI-compliant (32-bit / 33MHz), compatible with a wide range of host platforms, and integrates with mezzanine boards, such as the SurfRider-812/PTMC. It is supplied with multiple drivers and a variety of interfaces, including 100MB Ethernet. Developers can choose to work with the DSP BIOS supplied by Texas Instruments, or leverage the operating system supplied by Surf to greatly reduce development time. For developers of telecom infrastructure equipment, the SurfAce-112/PCI integrates with SurfUP™, Surf's telecom-ready media processing software that facilitates development of media gateway and media server applications.

Texas Instruments' C64x series of DSP devices are specifically designed to handle converged applications that require a high-performance fixed-point processing architecture with significant memory and multiple high-speed I/O paths, such as voice, video, and wireless applications. The SurfAce-112/PCI DSP resource board, which supports the C6412 DSP, is a flexible, high-capacity, programmable platform for processing-intense applications such as video processing, VoIP, cryptography, and medical imaging.

  • Complete media processing package for audio, video, modem and fax
  • Utilizes TI TMS320C6412™ DSP on board and supports a total of 8 DSPs with SurfRider-812/PTMC™ add-on card
  • Single E1/T1 integrated add-on board
  • 1 x Ethernet port , 4 x POTS interface and H.100 port
  • Supports Windows, Linux and VxWorks for maximum flexibility
  • Optimized for SME/SMB, field-proven and cost-effective solution saving resources and reducing R&D efforts
  • Dedicated customer service, ensuring fastest time-to-market
  • Built-in diagnostics, providing easier troubleshooting and better application control

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