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I/O Module :
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  Networking(3)  Insrumentation(3)  DSP Coprocessor(2)
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4-channel 12bit 300KHz Data Acquisition Daughter Card :
I/O Module : AD/DA
The ADS12-300 provides two or four channel 12 bit analog to digital (A/D) conversion plus two 12 bit digital to analog (D/A) channels. The D.Module compatible bus interface allows glueless connection to all D.Module DSP Computer Modules possible. Sampling Frequency, Anti-Aliasing and Reconstruction filter cutoff frequencies are software programmable. Independent and synchronous sampling of the inputs are supported. Successive approximation converters make the ADS12 an ideal choice for servo, control and analysis systems. Multiple ADS12-300 boards can be cascaded to expand the data acquisition system.

  • 2 or 4 differential Analog Inputs
  • 2 or 4 A/D Converters, one for each input channel
  • 2 single-ended Analog Outputs
  • Sampling Frequency : programmable 304 Hz to 294 kHz, or external clock 0..300 kHz
  • A/D D/A Resolution : 12 bit
  • Analog Inputs anti-aliasing filters : 4th order Butterworth, programmable 1-150 kHz cut-off
  • Analog Outputs reconstruction filters : 2nd order Butterworth, programmable 1-150 kHz cut-off

Technical Data & LINK :

  • ADS12-300-2 : two input channels, 5V digital supply and interface
  • ADS12-300-LV-2 : two input channels, 3.3V digital supply and interface
  • ADS12-300-4 : four input channels, 5V digital supply and interface
  • ADS12-300-LV-4 : four input channels, 3.3V digital supply and interface
  • ADS12-B : Development Base Package including Sample Software and Documentation
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