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DSP Module :
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  C6000(3)  ADSP(2)  C3000(1)
TMS320C6203 DSP Module :
DSP Module : C6000
The D.Module.C6203 is the highest performance fixed-point member of the D.Module family of business card sized digital signal processor boards. It is perfectly suited for demanding, stand-alone, embedded image processing applications. The unique architecture allows a glueless connection of many CMOS image sensors without extra frame grabber hardware. As with all members of the D.Module family, the D.Module.BIOS handles low-level hardware programming and lets you focus on the 'real' signal processing tasks. Key applications are machine vision and biometrics. As a general purpose DSP board, the D.Module.C6203 however is perfectly suited to many other applications too. Special care has been taken to facilitate field maintenance and serviceability. The Set-Up Mode provides straightforward file upload for program and parameter updates via RS232 terminal. The Module Config File stores configuration data in human-readable ASCII format and provides script mechanisms to control system start-up. Set-Up mode also provides basic debug capabilities for in-field diagnostics without requiring special emulation hardware. Excellent system adaptability is provided by the integration of reconfigurable logic: Up to 32 I/O signals are user-programmable and can be configured to a variety of interfaces, ranging from bit-programmable I/O to I2C bus controller, encoder interfaces, PWM, CMOS image sensor interfaces, etc. Communicating with process control systems or multi-processor coupling is supported by two high-speed UARTs (up to 3 Mbaud) and three fast synchronous serial ports (up to 100 Mbit/s). The TMS320C6203 DSP uses the VelociTITM modified VLIW architecture, with up to eight instruction units operating in parallel. Supported by a large internal memory, the basis for highest image data throughput and outstanding performance is laid out. Data acquisition and memory block transfers are handled in background by a 4 channel DMA controller. The processor's Expansion Bus provides the high-speed data acquisition path, which is capable of transferring image data under DMA control without additional buffers or FIFOs.

  • Highest Performance Fixed Point DSP Computer Module, based on TMS320C6203B
  • Peak Performance 2400 MIPS
  • Stand-alone Operation
  • Watchdog and Power Supply Supervisor
  • 512 Kbytes internal data memory, 384 Kbytes internal program memory, full speed access
  • 2 Mbytes non-volatile Flash and 16 Mbytes 150 MHz SDRAM on-board memory expansion
  • 3.3V Single Supply
  • Three 5V tolerant Serial Ports, up to 100Mbit/s
  • External Bus Interface for memory and I/O expansion (5V tolerant)
  • Additional Expansion Bus for high-speed data acquisition (5V tolerant)
  • Dual UART with FIFOs and Auto-Flow Control, RS232 and RS422/485 line interface
  • User configurable 72 macrocell CPLD for I/O expansion and interface adaptation, 16 free I/Os (32 if Expansion Bus not used)
  • D.Module.BIOS, Configuration and Set-Up Utility
  • Two 32 bit Timers
  • Four external Interrupts
  • JTAG Emulator Port
  • Small Size: only 85 x 59 mm

Technical Data & LINK :

  • D.Module.C6203-300-D0 : 300MHz, 16 Mbytes SDRAM, 2 Mbytes Flash
  • Options -422 : both UARTs with RS422/485 line interface
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