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  DSK&EVM(14)  Emulator(5)  Code Composer Studio(1)
Code Composer Studio v3.3 Platinum Edition :
Development Tool : Code Composer Studio
Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a key element of the eXpressDSP Software and Development Tools strategy from Texas Instruments. CCStudio delivers all of the host tools and runtime software support for your TMS320 DSP and OMAP based real–time embedded applications. CCStudio’s easy to use IDE allows DSP designers of all experience levels to move quickly through each phase of the application development process including design, code and build, debug, analyze and tune. The familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster and become productive immediately. The IDE includes DSP/BIOS support, real-time analysis capabilities, debugger and optimization tools, C/C++ Compiler, Assembler, Linker, integrated CodeWright editor, visual project manager, and a variety of simulators and emulation drivers. The CCStudio IDE provides easy to use tooling that spans the entire development process. The feature set is both rich and deep so that developers can take advantage of time–saving, stress relieving productivity tools that get their applications to market quicker and take advantage of sophisticated debug tooling allowing them to find and fix real time issues. The tuning and optimization features enable developers to produce highly efficient applications taking full advantage of the device capabilities.

  • Code Composer Studio's host side tools include
  • TMS320 DSPs and OMAP Code Generation tools: C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker
  • Integrated Visual Project Manager with source control interface, multi-project support and the ability to handle 1000 ’s of project files
  • Drag and Drop CCStudio setup utility supporting
  • Fully integrated CodeWright Editor
  • Component manager support for multiple versions of DSP/BIOS and code generation tools within the IDE
  • Source Code Debugger common interface for both simulator and emulator targets featuring
  • DSP/BIOS ™ Host Tooling Support (Configure, Real-time analysis and Debug)
  • Connect/Disconnect; robust, resilient host to target connection
  • Application Code Tuning Dashboard
  • RTDX ™ data transfer for real time data exchange between host and target
  • Update Advisor to keep your system current with the latest releases and utilities from TI (requires active subscription)
  • Data Converter Plug-in to auto configure support for Texas Instruments Mixed Signal products
  • Quick Start tutorials and Help including
  • Code Composer Studio's target software includes
  • DSP/BIOS ™ Kernel for the TMS320 DSPs (DSP/BIOS ™ license included with purchase of Code Composer Studio)
  • TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard to enable software reuse
  • Chip Support Libraries to simplify device configuration
  • DSP Libraries for optimum DSP functionality
  • Supports C6000, C5000, C2000 and OMAP platforms
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

Technical Data & LINK :

  • TMDSCCS2000-1 : C2000 Code Composer Studio bundled with Annual Subscription
  • TMDSCCSALL-1 : Code Composer Studio IDE bundled with Annual Subscription
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