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Media Server & Gateway

Application Overview :

The media server (MS) is solution that provide various services based on Voice/Video.

Target Applications :

  • Conferencing
  • Dating
  • Sports
  • Ego-Casting
  • Desktop Client
  • Infotainment
  • Video Mail
  • Video Blog
  • Mobile Video
  • Video Ringback
  • Call Center
  • Gaming
  • Voting
  • Adult Content
The SurfRider/AMC is a DSP resource board that serves as a common platform for carrier-grade voice, video and data processing.
SurfRider/AMC Specs :

  • Fully compliant, half-height, Single-size AMC form factor
  • 2,4,6,8 C64x DSPs or any other processor/logic type
  • Supports all next-generation TI DSPs
  • High capacity of audio/video channels
  • Very high throughputs - up to 10Gb between external
    interface and any DSP, and between the DSPs.
  • Supported interfaces: 2 X GbEthernet,iTDM
  • Mounted on ATCA or MicroTCA
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