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DSP Algorithm :
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G3 / Super G3 Fax :
DSP Algorithm : Fax
SPIRIT offers a flexible fax solution that can be delivered as Super G3 Fax (V.34 included) or as G3 Fax (V.34 excluded). The solution can be used in ordinary fax machines as well as in store-and-forward fax relays using e-mail (e.g. T.37), FTP services, or even in call centers capable of storing voice & fax mail. Two versions of G3/Super G3 Fax are available: Standard and MIPS Economy. The standard version is extra robust to line distortions, while MIPS economy version is perfectly suited for MIPS-critical applications.

  • ECM (error correction mode) support
  • T.30 fax supports both ECM (Error Correcting Mode) and non-ECM modes
  • Direct interface with PCM 8KHz sampled data. Both sample-by-sample and block based processing supported
  • Reliable fax data pump capable of operating on the poorest telephone lines
  • Easily extendable T.30 code supporting the majority of standard features out-of-the-box
  • T.4 1D (MH), T.4 2D (MR), T.6 (MMR) image compression supported
  • All standard resolutions supported
  • True multi-channel code
  • Hardware independent
  • Fully xDAIS compatible

Technical Data & LINK :

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