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DSP Algorithm :
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MP3 Decoder&Encoder :
DSP Algorithm : Audio Codecs & Utilities
SPIRIT MP3 Decoder supports MPEG 1, 2 Audio Layers I, II and III standards and their low bit rate extension MPEG 2.5. Smart algorithmic solutions allow decreasing CPU load and memory footprint. Carefully optimized ARM9E version fully utilizes the ARM DSP instruction set extension, achieving 25% more efficiency as compared with dual-MAC 16- bit DSPs and performing real-time audio decoding at just 7.5* MHz clock speed. SPIRIT MP3 Encoder supports MPEG 1, 2 Audio Layer III standards and their low bit rate extension MPEG 2.5. It can be effectively used in such applications as portable audio systems, wireless communications, car audio systems, settop boxes, Internet appliances and PDAs.

  • Low CPU load (as little as 7.5 MHz on average while decoding)
  • Low memory requirements
  • High sound quality
  • MPEG 1 / 2 / 2.5 LAYER III, compliant to ISO MPEG standards
  • Supports bitrates from 8 Kb/s up to 320 Kb/s
  • 1- or 2-channel modes are supported

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