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DSP Algorithm :
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GPS+GLONASS Baseband Software :
More than 10 years SPIRIT is developing software navigation solutions. Their quality and reliability are proven by a range of customers like Furuno, JRC, NEC, Leica in the most challenging conditions in applications for positioning, guidance, navigation, and timing in government, industry and commerce.

GPS+GLONASS for more reliability and better stability
Combined GPS+GLONASS system offers potentially 56 satellites (32 GPS + 24 GLONASS). In this case a GPS+GLONASS receiver can use all in view (up to 24) satellites, which results in more reliability and stable performance in locations with restricted visibility as more satellites are visible at any given moment in the non-blocked sky-areas.

DuoStar: SPIRIT 24-channel GPS+GLONASS Baseband Software
SPIRIT 24-channel GPS+GLONASS Baseband Software DuoStar is the basis to create a nagivation baseband chip or hardware GPS+GLONASS receiver design.
It uses the advantages of both GPS and GLONASS systems for the highest reliability of the object positioning for dynamic navigation in obstructed operating environments.
Thanks to the flexibility of software approch SPIRIT GPS+GLONASS Baseband Software can be implemented on a broad range of platforms and baseband chips and optimized for particular applications.
SPIRIT DuoStar software is already deployed in several hardware receiver designs:
  • DuoStar-1000, 24-channel GPS+GLONASS Eurocard-size receiver board
  • DuoStar-2000, compact 24-channel GPS+GLONASS receiver board

  • High positioning accuracy: 3 m autonomous, 1 m differential
  • High timing accuracy: 30 ns (RMS)
  • High velocity estimation accuracy: 0.05 m/sec (RMS)
  • High sensitivity
  • Low start time: 1s reacquisition time, 4 s hot start, 30 s cold start
  • 24 channels to support all-in-view satellites
  • DGPS support

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