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I/O Module :
  Product Range :
  Networking(3)  Insrumentation(3)  DSP Coprocessor(2)
  Digital Radio(3)  Digital I/O(2)  Speech/Fax/Modem(1)
  AUDIO(2)  AD/DA(3)
Quad TMS320C6414/15/16 PIOX/PIOX-16 DSP Coprocessor DCM :
I/O Module : DSP Coprocessor
Quad TMS320C6414/C6415/C6416 PIOX/PIOX-16 DSP Coprocessor DCM with maximum DSP performance 19,200MIPS/23,040MIPS and multi-path DSP-to-DSP communication via 64Kx32 quad-port RAM, McBSP ports network and mutual interrupts. Up to four optional external SIOX rev.B AD/DA/DIO DCM can be connected via external MXSIOX mini-extenders for real-time signal acquisition. Communication between host PIOX/PIOX-16 I/F and 'C64xx DSP is performed via DSP on-chip HPI ports and interrupts. Supported by 3L Diamond Multiprocessor/Multitasking RTOS.

  • PIOX daughter-card module (DCM) for TORNADO DSP boards
  • four 32-bit fixed-point TMS320C6414/C641/C6416 DSP
  • up to 23,040 MIPS peak DSP performance
  • each TMS320C64xx DSP features 1Mbyte on-chip RAM, 3 McBSP ports, 64 EDMA channels, 3 timers, HPI port, GPIO, and on-chip VCP/TCP hardware coprocessors (TMS320C6416)
  • up to 16Mx32 SDRAM per each DSP for local data
  • multi-path DSP-to-DSP communication:   -   64Kx32 quad-port RAM (QPRAM) for DSP-to-DSP communication via shared RAM without arbitration delays   -   DSP-to-DSP interrupt generation   -   software configured DSP-to-DSP serial communication links topology
  • scalable design allows infinite multi-board network expansion with board-to-board communication via extrenal serial links
  • multi-board network integration with all TORNADO coprocessors providing external serial links (i.e. TORNADO-PX/DDC4G quad-channel digital radio coprocessor, etc)
  • modular design with up to four optional external AD/DA/DIO SIOX rev.B DCM (one DCM per DSP) for real-time AD/DA/IO
  • communication between host TORNADO PIOX interface and on-board DSP via DSP on-chip HPI ports and mutual interrupts
  • DSP startup with either no boot or boot via the HPI port
  • ideal selection for multi-channel general purpose DSP and optional real-time data acquisition

Technical Data & LINK :

  • PX6416Q-720 : TORNADO-PX6416Q PIOX-16/32 DSP coprocessor, quad TMS320C6416 720MHz DSP (23,040 MIPS total DSP performance), QPRAM 64K, SDRAM 4Mx32 per DSP, two T/SU-X1 SIOX rev.B mini-extenders
  • PX6416Q-600 : Quad TMS320C6416 600MHz DSP (19,200 MIPS)
  • PX6415Q-720 : Quad TMS320C6415 720MHz DSP (23,040 MIPS)
  • PX6415Q-600 : Quad TMS320C6415 600MHz DSP (19,200 MIPS)
  • PX6414Q-720 : Quad TMS320C6414 720MHz DSP (23,040 MIPS)
  • PX6414Q-600 : Quad TMS320C6414 600MHz DSP (19,200 MIPS)
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