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I/O Module :
  Product Range :
  Networking(3)  Insrumentation(3)  DSP Coprocessor(2)
  Digital Radio(3)  Digital I/O(2)  Speech/Fax/Modem(1)
  AUDIO(2)  AD/DA(3)
Instrumentation AD/DA PIOX-16 DCM with 16CH 1MHz 16bit ADC/4CH 1MHz 16bit DAC :
I/O Module : Insrumentation
T/PDAS-AD16/16Q/1M-DA4/16Q/1M AD/DA DCM provides 16-channel 16-bit 1 Msps A/D and 4-channel 16-bit 1 Msps D/A on-board data acquisition and plugs into 16-bit parallel I/O expansion (PIOX-16) site of any of TORNADO DSP systems (TORNADO-3x/54x/6x/P3x/P6x/etc) and TORNADO-E stand-alone DSP controllers (TORNADO-E3x/E6x/etc) from MicroLAB Systems Ltd. T/PDAS-AD16/16Q/1M-DA4/16Q/1M AD/DA DCM has been designed for high-frequency multi-channel and ultra-high accuracy analog I/O instrumentation applications.

  • analog input section comprising of four analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) channels with synchronous sampling
  • each ADC channel includes 4:1/SE (2:1/DIFF) analog input multiplexer (for the total of either 16 single ended analog inputs or 8 differential analog inputs), and 16-bit 1 Msps ADC chip
  • high-density FIFO for the ADC output data
  • analog output section with comprising of four digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) channels with synchronous sampling
  • each DAC channel includes 16-bit 1 Msps DAC chip
  • high-density FIFO for DAC input data
  • data acquisition control logic
  • programmable high-resolution sampling frequency generator
  • 4-bit general purpose I/O
  • host PIOX-16 interface.

Technical Data & LINK :

  • T/PDAS-AD16/16Q/1M-DA4/16Q/1M : PIOX-16 DCM, (4x4)-ch. input multiplexer with quad 16-bit 1 Msps A/D, quad 16-bit 1 Msps D/A, FIFO, synchronous sampling of AD/DA channels, sampling frequency generator
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