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I/O Module :
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10/100 MBit Ethernet Daughter Card for DSK boards :
I/O Module : Networking
The DSK91C111 is an Ethernet network daughter card for the DSK Starter Kits and EVM development boards from Texas Instruments (TI) and SpectrumDigital.

This daughter card enables you to connect your DSP board to 10 and 100 MBit Ethernet networks and opens the door to a wide variety of new application areas and frequently demanded features to enhance existing systems:

  -   remotly control and monitor your application
  -   simplify maintenance (program and parameter updates via FTP)
  -   data base access (e.g. for biometric systems like face recognition)
  -   enhanced debugging and algorithm development (transmit data in real-time to MATLAB®, Simulink®, LabView®, etc. for analysis)
  -   XXX-over-IP data transport for multimedia and telecommunications systems
  -   distributed systems using readily existing network installations

The DSK91C111 comes with a TCP/IP protocol library which has been carefully designed to meet the special requirements of a DSP system. Code and data memory needs are minimized, and no underlying RTOS (real-time operating system) is required. No DSP ressources like interrupts, DMA channels or timers are used by the TCP/IP library. You can use this library in a standard 'linear' C program, just as running it as a task in an RTOS environment (e.g. in TI DSP/BIOS). For an overview of the TCP/IP stack performance, please take a look at the benchmarks.

Supported products are the:
  -   TMS320VC5502 EVM
  -   TMS320VC5509 EVM
  -   TMS320VC5510 DSK
  -   TMS320C6711 DSK
  -   TMS320C6713 DSK
  -   TMS320C6416 DSK
  -   TMS320C6413 EVM
  -   Ateme IEKC6416

The DSK91C111 is an ideal solution to evaluate Ethernet connectivity for your DSP system. The single user test and development license has no limitations and provides the full functionality, except for only supporting the DSK and EVM boards. For your production system an OEM version of the TCP/IP protocol library is available, which grants an unlimited run-time license free of royalties. The OEM version also includes full schematics and hardware documentation of the Ethernet interface for straightforward integration into your target hardware.

  • Dual Speed 10/100 Ethernet Media Access Controller
  • Integrated IEEE 802.3/802.3u 100Base-TX / 10Base-T physical layer, RJ-45 connector
  • Auto-Negotiation: 10/100, Full/Half Duplex
  • 3.3V Single Supply (via DSK)
  • 16 / 32 Bit Data Bus Interface
  • Memory mapped to DSK/EVM CSA or CSB daughter card address range
  • supports interrupt driven, busy-polling or DMA operation
  • Optimized TCP/IP Protocol Stack, does not require a RTOS, but can be run as a DSP/BIOS task. Requires no DSP resources (timer, interrupt, etc.)

Technical Data & LINK :

  • DS.DSK91C111 : Daughtercard plus single-user test and development license for the TCP/IP library, including sample programs and documentation
  • DSK91C111 : Daughtercard only, without software and documentation for OEMs or existing DS.DSK91C111 customers
  • OL.DSK91C111 : OEM software license for TCP/IP library, no limitations or royalties, hardware documentation and schematics
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