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  C6000(7)  C5000(2)  C3000(3)
TMS320C64x DSP Systems for PCI-bus and Stand-alone :
Development System : C6000
TORNADO-P64x are ultra-high performance fixed-point 32-bit DSP platforms with flexible modular construction for real-time DSP and data acquisition for both PCI-bus plug-in and stand-alone applications. TORNADO-P64x use TI TMS320C6414/C6415/C6416 32-bit fixed-point DSP, which provide up to 8000 MIPS peak DSP performance (1 GHz clock) and are optimized for on-chip parallel computing. TMS320C6414/C6415/C6416 DSP feature dual-bus external I/O architecture (EMIF-A and EMIF-B), and include the on-chip 1 Mbyte RAM, UTOPIA interface (TMS320C6415/C6416) and Viterbi/Turbo VCP/TCP coprocessors (TMS320C6416).

  • Ultra-high performance TMS320C6414/C6415/C6416 32-bit fixed-point DSP featuring:
      -   Up to 8000 MIPS peak DSP performance
      -   1Mbyte on-chip RAM, program and data caches
      -   UTOPIA interface (TMS320C6415/C6416)
      -   VCP/TCP hardware coprocessors (TMS320C6416)
      -   dual-bus external I/O architecture
  • Up to 512Kx64 synchronous static RAM (SBSRAM)
  • Up to 16Mx64 synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
  • Up to 64Mx8 FLASH
  • 64-bit wide SBSRAM/SDRAM/DPRAM interface bus is isolated from the FLASH/EPROM and on-board peripherals in order to enhance system I/O performance
  • High-performance host PCI-bus interface for multi-channel PCI-to-DSP and DSP-to-PCI communication:
      -   Up to 512Kx32 dual-port RAM (DPRAM) between PCI-bus and DSP for fast shared data access with data transfer speed up to 133 Mbyte/s on the PCI side and 533 Mbyte/s on the DSP side
      -   DSP-to-PCI access using PCI-bus mastering
      -   Access from PCI-bus to all DSP memory and I/O areas via DSP on-chip 32-bit HPI port
      -   Multi-channel bi-directional mailboxes and interrupts
      -   Software configured multi-source external DSP interrupts
      -   10-bit general purpose I/O
      -   50 MHz 8-bit UTOPIA level 2 slave interface (TORNADO-P6415/P6416) for ATM applications
      -   Watch-dog timer and external power/reset monitor
  • Stand-alone operation with external power
  • Modular construction with daughter-card modules (DCM)
  • Half-size PCI card

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