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  DSK&EVM(14)  Emulator(5)  Code Composer Studio(1)
TMS320VC33 DSP Starter Kit :
Development Tool : DSK&EVM
The TMS320VC33 DSK is built using a state of the art low power and low cost 150 MegaFlop TMS320VC33. The board is further supported by a 48Khz stereo 20 bit codec with 2 on-board microphones, external SRAM, external FeRAM boot flash and CPLD logic. The new software applications and demos run under all Windows platforms (older C31 DSK applications are supported but Win9x only). Applications can also now be created in less time using the included TI-COFF optimizing C compiler.

  • TMS320VC33-150 150 MFLOP DSP
  • PCM3003, 20 bit, 48KHz stereo codec
  • 2 electret microphones
  • 1Mb external SRAM
  • Non-Volatile FeRAM™ Boot Memory
  • 8 user IO pins
  • Power/PWM Bi-color LED indicator
  • High speed parallel port communication with PC
  • DSK3DW Debugger/Editor (Win9x/2K/NT/XP)
  • TI Optimizing C Compiler, Assembler and Linker

Technical Data & LINK :

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