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  DSK&EVM(14)  Emulator(5)  Code Composer Studio(1)
OMAP5912 Starter Kit :
Development Tool : DSK&EVM
The OMAP5912 Starter Kit (OSK) for Portable Data Terminals (PDT) is a low cost, easy to use, convenient way of evaluating the features of the OMAP5912 Processor in next generation PDT devices. The kit includes a development board, and a collection of board and chip specific libraries as well as a suite of development tools for Linux with an OMAP5912 specific Linux kernel. The kit allows users to get started on a portable data terminal-based application and device development.

  • ARM9 core operating at 192 Mhz.
  • DSP core operating at 192 Mhz.
  • TLV320AIC23 Stereo Codec
  • 32 Mbyte DDR SDRAM
  • 32 Mbyte Flash ROM
  • 4 Expansion connectors (bottom side)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • 10 MBPS Ethernet port
  • USB Host Port
  • Compact flash connector
  • On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG connector for optional emulation
  • +5 Volt operation

Technical Data & LINK :

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